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CNN Ratings Plummet Nearly 30 Percent… Zucker Admits “We Are Not Investigators”



CNN had all but led the charge against President Trump anytime something remotely negative popped up in the headlines. Even going so low as to dedicated primetime coverage to the time President Trump treated college athletes to fast food during the government shutdown.

This, along with a long list of embarrassing “breaking” CNN stories that put Trump in a negative light, and especially now that the Mueller report is out, has caused the network to take a stunning dip in the ratings… to the tune of almost 30%. Make no mistake — that kind of dive is devastating to advertiser revenue. Companies don’t want to advertise where nobody is watching.

Breitbart reports:

During the week of March 18, the far-left CNN lost almost 30 percent of an audience that is already minuscule.
In the arenas of credibility and viewership, CNN is a dying brand. Over the last week, the news has been especially bad for the far-left outlet.

On the credibility front, CNN chief Jeff Zucker tried to excuse his network’s two-year deliberate deception about Trump colluding with the Russians by admitting on Tuesday that no one at CNN does investigative work.

Like we didn’t already know that.

“We are not investigators,” he told the far-left New York Times. “We are journalists, and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did.”

All Zucker did there was to confirm what we already knew: CNN acts as stenographers for the establishment, most especially the intelligence community, all of whom share CNN’s left-wing agenda for the country. The facts are that so-and-so told us this and so-and-so told us that, is not journalism. Journalism requires investigation and the risk of uncovering a truth that might be inconvenient to your own personal beliefs and still reporting that truth.

For the week of March 18, meaning prior to the release of the Mueller Report exonerating Trump from the Russia Collusion Hoax, CNN lost a jaw-dropping 24 percent of its total day viewers and 27 percent of its primetime viewers, when compared to this same week last year.

In the 25-54 age demo, which sets advertiser rates, CNN lost an astonishing 37 percent of total day viewers and 38 percent primetime viewers.

What do you think CNN will talk about now that they have zero ground to stand on regarding the Trump-Russia collusion hoax? Share this on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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